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Cardigan Centre

The Cardigan Centre is a locally based, multi-purpose community organisation in North West Leeds with over twenty years’ experience of community work and service delivery.
Established in 1989 by local people, the centre has developed a range of services and tools which are used to meet the needs of the ever-changing diverse communities we serve. 
As a multi-purpose organisation the Cardigan Centre works with individuals in ways which reflect the complexity and connectedness of their lives.  This leads to improved outcomes for individuals and a more effective engagement with regeneration initiatives in NW Leeds.  Combining several strands of work leads to economies of scale, and therefore maximises the use of resources –people, money and buildings.

The Cardigan Centre is governed as a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. 

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July 2014 - Talent Match


We have a new project at the Cardigan Centre called Talent Match. The Talent Match programme offers Support, guidance and navigation to existing provisions for NEET (not in Education, Training or Employment) young people.

Talent Match boosts opportunities for young people in these areas by bringing together partnerships of employers, education providers and others, led by local charities.

Further information regarding this new project can be found here

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July 2014 - Urban Arts


Children in the School Council at Quarry Mount Primary School have produced an Anti-Bullying mural, it features the phrase "If people try to put you down, it only means you are above them" which the group hope will inspire other young people.

It is also hoped that the mural will act as a detterent to prevent the wall from being further vandalised. This approach has been successful with previous sites that the group has worked on. The group of around 10 young people, from the Woodhouse and Little London areas, were helped to produce the mural by a local graffiti artist.

In an effort to continue to inspire the young people in the area, Rob Georgeson and Alison Davies are working on a bid to introduce more urban arts related activities to the area as it has proven to be a success with young people and has helped them engage positively with the local community.  

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June 2014 - Every Youth Cinema


Are you 13-19? Love the magic of the movies? But can’t afford cinema prices?

Every Youth Cinema is a drop in session run on a Thursday evening at the Cardigan Centre.
Everyone is welcome to come along, have the chance to watch the latest realeases, hit box sets and older classics.

We will be holding different theme weeks as well as making most session’s educational, teaching about the importance of media and film and how it has moulded society. It’s not all education though; we offer a fun and safe environment where you can quite simply come along and relax with your friends.

Dates still to be confirmed, any questions contact Ally or Chloe 0113 274 9959.

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May 2014 - Yorkshire Evening Post Article


The ASSIST project that Youth Point is delivering was featured in an article on the Yorkshire Evening Post website. You can view the Article by clicking here

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May 2014 - Matrix Accreditation


The Cardigan Centre was visited by Philip Styan on the 4th March 2014. Philip arrived on Tuesday morning to assess the information, advice, guidance and support (IAG) service provided by the centre against the Matrix standard.

Philip conducted formal and informal interviews with staff, learners, volunteers and partner organisations throughout the two day assessment. Following the review against the Matrix standards the Cardigan Centre had demonstrated that it had continued to meet the criteria and therefore accreditation was granted for a further three years.

Philip reported that “the staff demonstrated their commitment to providing impartial and relevant IAG and support to service users either as a core service or as an embedded service in teaching and learning

…the staff are enthusiastic about the service they delivered and their commitment to achieving the best outcomes possible for their clients”, and went on to highlight that “the organisation had always recognised the value of ‘soft outcomes’ for service users particularly those facing multiple barriers and are vulnerable within the ‘system’” as a strength.

We are very proud to have been successful in achieving Matrix accreditation, and this is in no small part due to all the hard work and dedication of our team.

Steve Johnson March 2014

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