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Talent Match

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What does Talent Match Programme offer young people?

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The Talent Match programme offers Support, guidance and navigation to existing provisions for NEET (not in Education, Training or Employment) young people. Talent Match boosts opportunities for young people in these areas by bringing together partnerships of employers, education providers and others, led by local charities.

The programme provides ongoing support and mentoring for young people for up to 12 months. Key workers work collaboratively with young people to develop a personal programme tailored to their needs and desires. This is supported through goal setting and ongoing reviews of the programme to ensure young people are achieving their own personal targets. The ultimate aim of the programme is to support young people in gaining employment. 

Throughout the programme young people are given the opportunity to provide feedback to their key worker of their experience. By doing this it ensures positive engagement between key workers and young people.
Talent Match aims to provide a spring-board for young people to change the trajectory of their lives and build a positive future.

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What can a young person expect while on the Talent Match Programme?

On-going support and mentoring.

Gain qualifications.

Get involved with the local community.

Development of new skills

Have their voices heard and are listened too.

Job opportunities

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How is the Talent Match Programme delivered and assessed?

The talent match programme is delivered through one to one mentoring support and group work. Young people will meet with their key worker for two hours a week. The work during this time will be tailored to the needs of the young person while supporting their goals and targets.

This work will include, C.V writing, job searching, interview preparation, confidence building etc. Assessment of the programme is completed through on-going reviews with both the young person and key worker.

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For More Information…

To be eligible for the Talent Match Programme at the cardigan centre a young person has to be;

NEET (not in education, employment or training) for at least 12 months.

Aged 18-24.

Living in the Leeds area.

For more information on the Talent Match Programme or to arrange a meeting to discuss this exciting opportunity please don’t hesitate in contacting Hannah Fordham (Talent Match Key Worker) on 0113 278 7182.

You can also download a copy of our leaflet here.

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